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Resnick has been providing industry-leading wholesale convenience store distribution services for over 75 years!
Whether you’re a c-store, smoke shop, liquor store, gas station, or other seller of tobacco, cigarettes, snacks, groceries and candy, it is our mission to power your business to success!

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Dipak has been a customer of Resnick Distributors for more than 30 years! His store has seen a lot of changes in that time, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his strong relationship with Resnick.
“Resnick helped us to grow our business. We ask Resnick to order new merchandise and they do it for us. We have a great relationship with the sales team. Deliveries always come on time. Every Wednesday we get our delivery in the morning. Resnick is a very reliable company. I would recommend anybody to go with Resnick. I’m very glad to be a part of the Resnick family. They’ve been very good to us. I belong to a very big group of operators and we all use Resnick and we are very happy with them!”

Dipak Patel

Krauszers Convenience Store 

Full-Service Convenience Store Distribution Done Right!

Houston we're the distributor that partners with you to grow your business. We want to save you time and money! Quick onboarding, quick ordering and quick delivery. We know your time is valuable, so we've tailored all of our products and services to best meet your store's unique needs.

4,000+ products!

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Get your order when YOU want it! Pick your delivery day and we'll have it there!

merchandising expertise

Let Resnick's team design your planograms, store layout and optimize your store!

World-class ordering app

Our iphone and android app is user friendly and powerful! Ordering has never been easier!

inflation-busting deals on snuff and tobacco 

Skoal, Coppenhagen and Other Tobacco Products at unbeatable prices!

top-tier customer service

Need help with an order? Have questions? We'll be there for you every step of the way!

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4,000+ products at your fingertips! Unlock a world of convenience with the ease and power of mobile ordering.

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Find what you need in a snap! New Items, Hot Deals, Favorites, Past Orders and more!

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Scan items into your cart in seconds! Order pre-books, participate in tradeshows and manage returns all in one place!

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Everything is organized and easy to find. Deigned for speed and ease, you'll be submitting orders in a flash!

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Find items by category, product #, UPC Code or however you want! You can even save custom lists and favotites!
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New Accounts are Always Welcome!

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