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Marketing Programs

When you partner with Resnick, you reap the benefit of the special relationship we have with our customers. They look to Resnick to help guide their business. We’re more to them than just a wholesaler - we’re their partner! So they readily take part in our brand promotions!
All vendors get total insight into the success of their programs. And, it’s so easy to participate! Your company contributes to Resnick’s Marketing Development Program (RMDP) via rebates or discount accruals. This entitles you to receive perks not available to other suppliers and allows us to focus our selling activities on your products!
Partnering with Resnick's Marketing Development Program gives you access to the our vast network of C-store retailers independents, chains, and specialty outlets!
We have so many different ways to participate...

Ordering App Banner

One of the most exciting new features of our Resnck Mobile Ordering App! Your banner will be shown on the home page and link directly to a complete listing of all your products that can then be instantly added to the customer’s order!

in-store product placement

Get your products on Resnick’s HOT LIST and your item is guaranteed to make it to the store shelf. Our In-Store Merchandising Team resets over 200 stores per year. Perfect for both new and core items! This premier, targeted level of focus gets your products where you want them - into our huge network of independent C-Stores that Resnick dominates.

virtual trade shows

Held four times per year, Resnick hosts a seasonal trade show highlighting your products. Each show is held virtually and lasts for two weeks - giving our Sales Team the opportunity to visit every customer to showcase your items. This is a great way to present product deals to our 1000+ customers.

resnick catalog

Our high-quality printed catalogs are mailed four times per year to our exclusive list of over 5,000 C-Stores. The digital version is hosted on our website’s home page, and digital copies are emailed to all Resnick customers.

email marketing

Our email marketing blasts go directly to buyers and store owners on a bi-weekly basis, and can follow your targeted marketing plans and other promotions.

in-tote flyers

We put your message right in the tote! Printed flyers get placed in 1,000 totes going directly to our stores each week. This is a proven, tried and true method to get seen - and get results!

invoice messaging

We feature your marketing message on every printed and digital invoice we send out. Approximately 3,000 invoices per week. Guaranteed to be seen!

hot deals

Stand out on our Resnck Mobile Ordering App! The Hot Deals Button, located on the ordering page, links directly to products that you would like to offer to our customers at a deal price. Unlike trade shows, this can be done at any time of the year!

video conference with sales team

Get your message heard by our Sales Personnel on a Live Teams Call. Pitch, showcase and explain your products, and if desired offer a spiff incentive to our Sales Team.
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