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Convenience Store

Convenience stores

We'll keep your store stocked with everything you need to succeed. We are experts at partnering with c-stores to help them thrive and grow. Each store owner has different needs, and we take pride in catering to each store individually. Over 80% of Resnick's customers are independent stores - so we know how to make your store prosper. Plus, add food programs, grab n' go, slush and hot coffee to the mix. Resnick has it all.
Gas Station

gas stations

Gas station locations have special challenges, so we'll optimize your product selection to cater to your location's needs. Hot coffee, best-selling candy and snacks, automotive supplies and pallet drops of seasonal items like water, salt, windshield wiper fluid are essential. Let one of our merchandising specialists plan your store to perfection.
Smoke Shop

smoke & tobacco shops

Resnick's inventory of smoking-related products and accessories can't be beat! Cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, rolling papers, leaf wraps, cbd, kratom, and vape supplies and related accessories. We have the top-selling brands your customers are looking for always in stock! Plus, we have all the snacks, drinks and candy to round out your store and keep your customers coming back for more!

delis & bodegas

These mini markets are a perfect match for Resnick. Let us fill your store with all the snacks, candy, cigarettes, beverages and impulse and seasonal items that your customers want to pick up along with your prepared foods. It's the perfect combination for success!

pharmacies & gift shops

We love servicing non-tobacco customers! Let us present the perfect planogram for your loaction to maximize sales. Speak with one of our merchandising specialists and we'll make sure your store have everything it needs to get those impulse sales that quickly add to your bottom line.
Liquor Store

liquor stores

Let Resnick set up you up for maximum success. We have so many smoking accessories, specialty items, candy, snacks and groceries and drinks to round out your store. Don't rely on your liquor suppliers - they don't have the prices and selection that Resnick can offer.
Travel Retail

travel retail

Resnick is licensed and certified to deliver to all major airports and transportation hubs in our distribution areas. Our expert logistics services will coordinate your deliveries every step of the way. Satisfy busy, on-the-go travelers with our extensive line of water, energy drinks, snacks, candy and so much more!

supermarkets & Dollar Stores

Resnick's low pricing, logistics, warehousing and EDI expertise allows us to manage orders and fulfillment for bigger supermarket chains, as well as smaller independents. If you need cigarettes, impulse and seasonal items, HABA or other items, make sure to contact us right away so we can tell you more how Resnick can supercharge your business.
Specialty Market

specialty markets

At Resnick we love to service schools, hospitals, amusement parks, camps, and so many other locations that need candy, snacks, drinks and food service. Make sure to contact us right away so we can tell you more how Resnick can power up your sales.

What Our Customers Think

Dipak has been a customer of Resnick Distributors for more than 30 years! His store, Krauszers, located in North Brunswick, NJ has seen a lot of changes in that time, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his strong relationship with Resnick.
“Resnick helped us to grow our business. We ask Resnick to order new merchandise and they do it for us. We have a great relationship with the sales team. Deliveries always come on time. Every Wednesday we get our delivery in the morning. Resnick is a very reliable company. I would recommend anybody to go with Resnick. I’m very glad to be a part of the Resnick family. They’ve been very good to us. I belong to a very big group of operators and we all use Resnick and we are very happy with them!”

Dipak Patel

Krauszers Convenience Store 
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