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candy, gum & mints

Indulge your customers' sweet cravings with Resnick's extensive selection of best-selling candy, gum, and mints! From iconic candy bars and irresistible chewy gum to refreshing minty sensations, we've curated a collection that will elevate your inventory and captivate customers. Enjoy selections from: M&M Mars, Hershey, Ferrero, Perfetti Van Melle, Ferrara, Haribo, Mondelez, Morinaga, PIM Brands, Bazooka and more!

cookies & snacks

Resnick Distributors prides itself on delivering a diverse selection that combines classic favorites with innovative flavors, ensuring there's something for everyone. Make your retail space a go-to destination for snack enthusiasts by offering the best in taste and variety. With best-selling items like Cheez-IT, Combos, Lay's, Doritos, Slim Jim, GH Cretors, Pop Tarts, Cheetos, Pringles, Takis, Oreos, Chex Mix and so much more, you're not just selling snacks; you're crafting an experience that delights taste buds and keeps customers coming back for more.


Resnick has the cigarette selection that powers your store, with hundreds and hundreds of brands to choose from. Resnick Distributors is a licensed cigarette stamper and tobacco wholesaler for New Jersey, New York State, New York City, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maryland, Washington, DC, and multiple jurisdictions within Virginia. We are your best source for Marlboro, Newport, Parliament, American Spirit, Maverick, Camel, Crowns, Kool, Capri, Winston, L&M, Virginia Slims, Salem and so many more!
Health and Beauty

health & beauty aids

Revitalize your convenience store and enhance your customers' well-being with our extensive selection of health and beauty aids. Resnick offers a wide range of personal care essentials, skincare products, shampoo, toothpaste, family planning, pain medications, deodorants and more. From trusted brands such as Listerine, Vaseline, Advil, Tylenol, Halls, Dove, Neutrogena, Q-tips, Colgate, Crest, Old Spice, Degree, Axe, Trojan and more. By incorporating these products into your convenience store, you're not just meeting practical needs; you're positioning your store as a destination for self-care essentials.

tobacco, cigars, OTP & vape

Transform your convenience store or smoke shop into a haven for tobacco enthusiasts with our amazing selection of tobacco, cigars, OTP and vape products. Elevate your inventory with best-selling brands and a wide variety of flavors and styles, and establish your store as the go-to hub for tobacco connoisseurs. Let Resnick make your store a haven for those who appreciate the art of smoking. We are your best source for Black & Mild, Backwoods, Bluntville, Entourage, Dutchmaster, Zyn, Kodiak, Copenhagen, Grizzly, Skoal and so many more customer favorites!


Resnick offers essential food items and pantry staples that will transform your store into a one-stop-shop for customers seeking convenience without compromising quality. Upgrade your store with our premium groceries, making it the go-to destination for shoppers looking for quality, variety, and the ease of a quick and convenient grocery run. Best-sellers include Kellogg's cereal cups, International Delight creamers, Scott bath tissue, Tide detergent, Meow Mix cat food, Domino's sugar, Hellman's mayonnaise, Heinz ketchup, Cup O Noodles, Goya and so many more.


Rev up your convenience store or gas station with a robust selection of auto supplies that cater to the needs of your on-the-go customers and DIY auto enthusiasts. Our premium range of automotive essentials, from motor oil and windshield washing fluid to air fresheners and cleaning products, ensures that drivers can find everything they need in one convenient location. Upgrade your store with our comprehensive auto supply offerings and drive customer satisfaction to new heights.
General Merchandise

general merchandise

From batteries to home goods, school supplies, lighters, gloves, socks and seasonal items, our general merchandise collection ensures that your store is well-stocked. By offering a variety of high-quality items, you're not just meeting convenience; you're providing customers with the opportunity to discover new and practical solutions in unexpected places.


Quench your customers' thirst by stocking your convenience store with our exceptional range of best-selling beverages. Our ever-growing selection includes top-tier soft drinks, refreshing juices, energy drinks, and premium bottled water that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. By offering the most sought-after brands and flavors, you'll ensure that your store is the go-to destination for a satisfying and diverse array of drinks. Poland Spring, Fiji water, Red Bull, Celsius, Monster, Bang, Gatorade, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Gatorade, Arizona Iced Tea and so many more.
Frozen Food

refrigerated & frozen food

Delight your customers with our single-pick selection of best-selling frozen foods. Our curated collection includes a variety of mouthwatering options, from quick and convenient frozen meals to beloved snacks and desserts. Frozen foods are not only delicious but also provide the flexibility and ease of preparation, making your convenience store a go-to destination for those looking for a quick and tasty solution. Bagel Bites, Banquet Fried Chicken, White Castle, Devour, Eggo Waffles, Stouffer's Pizza, TGI Froday, Hungry Man, Hot Pockets, Pizza Rolls and so much more!

food service programs

Resnick offers a diverse assortment of high quality, easy-to-manage food programs that are perfect for your convenience store. Options like Tyson chicken, Bellarico's pizza, Ballpark Franks and Hillshire Farm roller grill, and Jimmy Dean breakfast items, can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales. Perfect for your on-the-go customers, these food programs will create additional revenue streams and increases the likelihood of repeat business, contributing to your store's overall store profitability!

fresh hot coffee

Elevate your convenience store by offering Green Mountain and Arabica fresh coffee—a move that drives customer loyalty and profitability. Green Mountain's premium coffee selections promise a rich and aromatic experience, attracting coffee enthusiasts and casual consumers alike. The enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee creates an inviting atmosphere, encouraging foot traffic and repeat visits. With the growing demand for quality beverages, having Green Mountain coffee in your convenience store positions you as a go-to destination for satisfying coffee cravings. Boost sales and customer satisfaction by putting Resnick's coffee program in your store.
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